4KT – Its Meaning, Origin & Usage

Have you ever heard the phrase “4KT” used in a YoungBoy music video? If you’ve heard this before you’re probably wondering what it means. You’ve probably wondered whether it’s an abbreviation or a gang sign.

This article will explore the phrase “4KT”, looking at the meaning, origin and common usage of the phrase. Read on to find out more!

The Meaning Of “4KT”

The meaning of “4KT” is very complicated as no one knows for sure what it means. It is a term that has been used in NBA YoungBoys songs and music videos, however he has never actually revealed what it means. 

The meaning of this phrase has been guessed by fans, who have tried to figure out the meaning of the acronym. 

Some people believe that the expression “4KT” has a relation to gangs. Fans have speculated that it may mean “Four Killer Team”, “K Trey Bloods” or “Forever Killing Them”. These are all phrases that are linked to gang culture. 

Fans have also speculated that this phrase is short for the rapper’s sons: “Kentrell” and “Trey”.

Another fan speculation is that the term is YoungBoy paying homage to his fallen homeboys. 

None of these speculations are confirmed, however, and they are all just guesses from the fans. We are hoping that YoungBoy takes to social media to explain the meaning of “4KT” at some point soon, but in the meantime speculation is all that we have. 

The definition of “4KT” is therefore also unknown. 

Examples Of “4KT”

Some sentences including “4KT”  are down below. These are the only places that we know that the phrase makes sense. This is because there is no definition for this phrase, only the lyrics that YoungBoy has given.

  • “I’m a huge NBA YoungBoy fan, 4KT for life”.
  • “It is not clear what 4KT means because Young Boys videos are quite cryptic”.
  • “I hope YoungBoy releases the meaning of 4KT soon, I feel like I’m guessing!”

Other Ways To Say “4KT”

As the meaning of “4KT” has never been confirmed by NBA YoungBoy, we are not aware of any other ways to say this. This is because we’re not sure what it exactly means in order to come up with some other ways to say this.

Origins Of “4KT”

The phrase “4KT” has only been seen in relation to NBA YoungBoy. YoungBoy is a rapper, and this phrase was first seen in a YoungBoy video in 2019. It is not clear what the real meaning of this term is, and no one can be sure until YoungBoy releases the meaning behind this word.

There is not much discussion around the meaning of this phrase as YoungBoy’s popularity has declined in recent years. He is part of the Soundcloud rapper generation which hasn’t remained very popular. This is why it is unclear what the rapper means and we are not sure if it will ever become clear.

It is not clear whether YoungBoy will ever release the meaning of this phrase. It has been a few years now and he has never released the meaning. It may be that we have to stick to the fans’ opinions of the meaning of this phrase. As he has declined in popularity, he is not in the public eye at the moment so he may not release the meaning of his phrase “4KT”.

Who Is NBA YoungBoy?

NBA YoungBoy is the stage name of an American rapper whose name is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden. He first became seen in 2016, and he was believed to be one of the most promising rappers of the generation. 

He was inspired by local artists and he released his first album in 2015 at the age of 16. NBA YoungBoy was then arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, which had a big impact on his career, However, he continued to make music after this happened. While he was in prison, he continued to release music.

Some of his most famous songs are ‘Win or Lose’, ‘Untouchables’ and ‘No Smoke’. All of these songs had a place on the Billboard charts Hot 100.

Final Thoughts 

The phrase “4KT” is a very interesting one. It is unknown what the rapper NBA YoungBoy meant by this phrase. YoungBoy has not confirmed what he meant by this phrase. Lots of fans have their own guesses surrounding the meaning of this phrase, however as it has only been mentioned by YoungBoy, we won’t know the real meaning until he confirms this phrase on social media.