Fromunda Cheese – Meaning, Origin and Usage

No matter how big a cheese lover you are, the fact is that no one, and I mean no one, likes fromunda cheese. If you’ve ever heard someone use the phrase before, you may have already guessed that it’s not an actual type of cheese.

If however you’re still a little perplexed as to what it might mean, then you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to explain everything you need to know. I’ll cover the meaning, the origin, examples of how you can use the phrase, and some alternative words and phrases that you can use instead.

What is the Meaning of the phrase ‘Fromunda Cheese’?

The phrase ‘Fromunda cheese’ refers to the build up of the likes of sweat, dirt, bacteria, etc, around a man’s groin. The ‘cheese’ part of the phrase refers to the smell of fromunda cheese, which can be likened to hard cheeses such as Parmesan cheese or blue cheeses such as Stilton.

What is the Origin of the phrase ‘Fromunda Cheese’?

‘Fromunda cheese’ is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the collection of pungent dead skin cells, the texture of greasy grated parmesan cheese, from underneath a man’s torso around the groin area., or in other words ‘from under cheese’.

While the precise origin of the phrase ‘fromunda cheese’ is hard to ascertain, we do know that it became a popular online meme in the early 2000s, often shared on social networks. It initially entered the online Urban Dictionary in the year 2003.

The phrase grew in popularity when a video was released on YouTube in 2011, when a guy explains what fromunda cheese is to his mother.

How do you use the phrase ‘Fromunda Cheese’?

Here are some examples of the phrase ‘Fromunda cheese’ in conversations.

Person 1: Do you want some fromunda cheese in your sandwich?

Person 2: What’s that?

Person 1: It’s an exotic cheese from a remote part of world

Person 2: What’s it like?

Person 1: Like Parmesan cheese.

Person 2: Ooh, yes please!

Person 1: Ha ha ha! You should always say no to fromunda cheese!

Person 1; I need an easy way to get out of my relationship, I’m bored with her.

Person 2: Give her some of your fromunda cheese after playing a match on a really hot day.

Person 1: What’s that?

Person 2: It’s the sweat that gathers up in your jockstrap before you have a chance to shower!

Person 1: Ha ha ha! That’s a good one – she’ll be gone quicker than Usain Bolt! Ha ha ha!

Person 2: Ha ha, yeah definitely. It’s worse than blue cheese.

Person 1: I hate his bad habits. We’ll be sitting watching Netflix, and he’ll put his hands down his pants, wipe his balls and sniff his own fromunda cheese!

Person 2: Ugh that’s disgusting! How do you put up with it? 

Person 1: I make him wash his hands as soon as I catch him doing it. I’m not having him touch me after that.

What are some other ways of saying ‘Fromunda Cheese’? 

Here are some other ways of saying ‘Fromunda cheese’:

  • ‘Ball sweat’
  • ‘Sack cheese’
  • ‘Ball sack cheese’
  • ‘Ball sack sweat’
  • ‘Cheddar nuts’
  • ‘Ball chowder’
  • ‘Gouda’
  • ‘Gouda ballz’
  • ‘Bum cheese’
  • ‘Cheddarella’
  • ‘Knob cheese’
  • ‘Cheesus christ’
  • ‘Cheesoning’
  • ‘Dirty Sanchez’
  • ‘Guy gonzola’
  • ‘Fonduzzi’
  • ‘Crottage cheese’
  • ‘Dorito Sanchez’
  • ‘Bell wiff’
  • ‘Ball hair pizza’

This is only a small selection of the alternative words and phrases that you can use instead. The online Urban Dictionary has countless 

There are also words and phrases for people who like to smell fromunda cheese (usually their own). These words and phrases include (but aren’t limited to):

  • ‘Cheesaholic’ 
  • ‘Cheese muncher’
  • ‘Cheddarphile’

Facts about fromunda cheese

Fromunda cheese is basically a buildup of sweat, dirt, dead skin, bacteria, etc. It can be obtained from just about anywhere around the grain, including the ball sacks, between the balls and the anus, and even from under the foreskin. It can smell disgusting.

The phrase ‘Fromunda cheese’ is also linked with another phenomenon in the Urban Dictionary known as ‘Dirty Sanchez’. Originally the phrase was coined during the Mexican-American War to describe when American soldiers would wipe faecal matter on the faces of Mexicans in the form of a moustache.

Since then, the phrase ‘Dirty Sanchez’ has also been used in the gay male community for a similar reason. And now the phrase ‘Dirty Sanchez’ can also be used to refer to wiping fromunda cheese under someone’s nose.

Final Thoughts

So, to sum up, if anyone ever offers you a fromunda sandwich, the most appropriate response would be ‘No way!’, since fromunda cheese is the phrase used to refer to the smelly sweat around a man’s crotch.

If you don’t want to use the phrase ‘fromunda cheese’ with your nearest and dearest, there are many alternative words and phrases you can use in its place, as listed earlier.