“Grand Rising” – Its Meaning, Origin & Usage

The phrase “grand rising” actually has quite a unique and very fascinating story behind it, and while its background and origins are fairly obscure, it has started becoming a regular term among many people’s vocabulary, which is why it’s important to know exactly what people mean when they say it to you.

Here is a full breakdown of “grand rising” where we will go into depth about how the phrase became popular in the first place, and what someone is trying to imply when they say it. 

Meaning Of Grand Rising

The term “grand rising” actually comes from those within the spiritual community and specifically people who have undergone a spiritual awakening of some kind, making this phrase very common among those who class themselves as spiritualists.

It is actually another way of saying “good morning,” but the reason it is used instead is that within these communities and within spiritual teachings, words are given far more importance, being seen as vibrations that carry a specific meaning. 

“Morning” as a word is seen as too similar to “mourning”, and since this is a term related to negative emotions and situations, the entire phrase was changed to leave out any negative connotations, making it so that you can truly convey that you are happy and thankful to live another day to the fullest.

The definition of “grand rising” is:

– A spiritual term meaning to be thankful for the oncoming day.

Examples Of Grand Rising

Since this phrase is so popular within the spiritualist community, there are a few different instances where it can be heard being used. Here are a few of the most common examples of when “grand rising” might be used:

Preparing For The Day Ahead

“Rising” each and every day is seen as a new chapter, and a kind of awakening for many people, presenting them with the opportunity to make a fresh start and seize new opportunities that come their way. 

If someone says this to you as you’re waking up or when they see you first thing in the morning, they are saying how thankful they are for you to both be living another day where you can grow as people physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

Speaking To God

Rather than saying “grand rising” to another person, some people may use it as part of a prayer when speaking to their God for blessing them with another day. 

It is believed in many spiritual groups that when you sleep, the unconscious and subconscious minds enter a state of “travel” while the spirit travels to another realm. When you wake up, this is believed to be God returning your soul to your body and awakening you for a specific reason, whether it’s to counsel you, showing you that duties and priorities need attending to, or just to seize a new day and become a better person than you were the day before. 

A way someone could use this phrase when giving praise could be:

– “Thank you for blessing me with another day my lord, grand rising”

Having An Abundance Of Energy

Many times, people will feel that they have been blessed and filled with energy by the universe or from a God in a particular moment or situation. Whether it’s receiving a surge of confidence when going for a job interview, or feeling calm and collected rather than tense and nervous for a date, many people will say “grand rising” out loud to convey their appreciation for the blessing of energy, confidence, and joy they can receive throughout the day. 

One way you could use it in this context could be:

– “Grand rising, I feel so confident about the big match later today”

– “I have been so happy with all my cooking today, grand rising”

Other Ways To Say Grand Rising

The most obvious comparison to “grand rising” when used early in the morning is “good morning”. However, as mentioned previously, many spiritualists believe this phrase carries negative connotations, making it inappropriate to say when trying to embrace and be thankful for another day. 

You may also hear people say “great rising” rather than “grand”, however this has the exact same contextual meaning with the only difference being that it tends to be said in the afternoon as opposed to the morning. 

Origins Of Grand Rising

The phrase “grand rising” began being used among spiritual groups in the early 2010s where it eventually became synonymous with multiple morning activities such as yoga and exercise, along with being a morning greeting.

“Great rising” soon became adopted a few years later, and by 2020 “grand rising” was being said by those who were even outside of these communities, proving how popular it has become.


If you ever hear someone say “good rising”, whether it’s directly to you or if they say it to themself, they are conveying their own personal joy and happiness for being able to open their eyes and experience all the wonders of the world in the coming day.