Little Space – Meaning, Origin and Usage

The phrase ‘Little space’ is a relatively new one to the English language, so you can be forgiven if you don’t already know what it means. Here, I’m going to tell you all about ‘Little space’, including what it means and how the phrase came about. I’ll also give you some examples of the phrase in use, and some alternative words you can use instead. Let’s go!

What is the Meaning of the phrase ‘Little space’?

‘Little space’ or, as it’s sometimes written ‘Littlespace’, refers to when an adolescent or adult relaxes to more of a baby or child-like state of mind, where they feel safe, with no responsibility and completely carefree, as well as very passive and compliant, and willing to try new things.

What is the Origin of the phrase ‘Little space’?

This is a very modern phrase that only came into use in the 2010s, entering the Urban Dictionary published in 2016.

There is some dispute about where its first use came from, which is because some believed that it came from the 18+ age play kink community where people enjoy roleplaying as infants or toddlers, together with another person who acts as a caregiver.

However, it is more likely to have come from the field of mental health and therapy, since the Urban Dictionary describes falling into littlespace as a coping mechanism to escape mental illness, either accidentally or on purpose.

While regressing into ‘Little space’ might seem like a mental disorder, on the flip side, it can also be a good way to address and heal the inner child. When regressed into a more child-like state of mind, they can see and feel things in a new way that they may benefit from.

So, while the phrase has two almost simultaneous origins, its meaning as regressing to a child-like state of mind remains the same. For some people it’s fantasy, and for others it’s therapy, and for some perhaps it’s a bit of both.

In both contexts, the person who slips into ‘Little space’ is referred to as a ‘little’. This definition of a ‘little’ has been in use since the 2000s, prior to the term ‘Little space’.

How do you use the phrase ‘Little space’?

Here are some examples of the phrase in use:

‘She said that going into my little space is a sign of mental illness as a result of having to grow up so young.’

‘I love to go into my little space, I only wish I could stay there and have no harsh reality and gruelling responsibilities.’

‘It’s ok to go into my little space now and again, right?’

‘Feed me – I’m in my little space.’

‘Wait on me hand and foot, I’m in my little space.’

‘Dominate me – I’m in my little space.

‘I just want to be in my little space!’

‘I’m sick to the back teeth of doing everything around here! When do I get to be in my little space?’

‘I deserve to be in my little space.’

‘I’m in my little space, you have to look after me now.

‘Give me what I need – I’m in my little space.’

‘Michael Jackson must have gone into his little space, buying the Neverland ranch and a monkey.’

‘It’s Sunday afternoon, everything’s done for the week, and I can just chill in my little space while you fetch me drinks and snacks.’

‘Get out of your little space and take some responsibility for a change.’

What are some Similar Alternative Words And Phrases for ‘Little space’?

You have to be careful using this phrase because of its two different contexts. You must ensure that you use the correct phrase for what you’re actually describing. Because, quite often ‘littles’ do not regress into their little space as a kink, but rather to cope with memories, emotions, or situations they wish to escape from. Endeavour not to offend anyone.

In its mental health and therapy context, you can choose from the following alternative phrases:

  • ‘Regressed’
  • ‘Regression’
  • ‘Healing the inner child’
  • ‘Addressing the inner child’
  • ‘Drawing out the inner child’

If however you do wish to use the term in its other context, you could use the acronym ABDL, which stands for Adult Baby and Diaper Lover.

Phrases Opposite to Little Space

Antonyms to ‘Little space’ include ‘Grown up’, and ‘Mature mindset/outlook/behaviour’.

Final Thoughts

So, to sum up, the phrase ‘Little space’ refers to the feeling you sink into when you’re feeling safe, loved and childlike. Sometimes, people also use this phrase to depict a kink where at least one person is acting like a toddler for sexual reasons. For this reason, you should be mindful of the context in which the phrase is being used, and check if it’s appropriate to use before you open your mouth.