Sneaky Link – Its Meaning, Origin & Usage

Have you ever heard the phrase “sneaky link” and been unable to figure out what they’re talking about? Perhaps you’ve even received a message on TikTok or Snapchat asking if you want to be someone’s sneaky link. Are they asking you to send them a URL for something secret? 

Prepare for your confusion to be lifted as we explain the meaning, origins, and the typical usage of the common online phrase “sneaky link”. 

The Meaning of “Sneaky Link”

This particular phrase is used in reference to a viral trend on TikTok that has been made popular, typically by Zoomers. The trend involves users posting videos either of or about them sneaking their secret lovers behind their partner’s back without anyone finding out. 

This super popular hashtag has thousands of posts underneath it, featuring audio from the original video. The trend has led to the phrase “sneaky link” being used to mean “person that you’re having an affair with” that your official partner doesn’t know about, with the understanding that if their partner found out, there would be bad repercussions. 

There is no specific connotation that refers to a “sneaky link” referring to a homosexual or a heterosexual relationship, but it is certainly more popular with gen-z users and zoomers (people under 25). 

So, in layman’s terms, “sneaky link” is the modern way of saying “side piece”.  

Examples of “Sneaky Link”

The ways that you might hear people use the phrase “sneaky link” could be any of the following: 

I have a few sneaky links in my DMs, we’ve been meeting up on the side so I don’t get bored by my girlfriend.

I asked a guy if he wanted to be my sneaky link and he said yes! It is so easy to convince some guys to cheat.

I don’t know if I’m polyamorous or if I just want a sneaky link

You have to treat your sneaky link well, they could always tell your partner what’s going on if you upset them.

Other Ways to Say “Sneaky Link”

There are a couple of different synonyms that you can use for sneaky link, or other words that mean the same thing. Just as you could call someone your sneaky link, you could also call them your side piece, or your “gumar” if you wanted to sound like an old Italian mobster. If you wanted to be more casual, you could call them a “piece on the side”, or a “side chick” if they’re a woman, though this is somewhat derogatory. 

Wrong Ways To Say “Sneaky Link”

Sometimes you might see people use the phrase to describe a link sent via text messages, instant messages, or emails. However, these people are wrong. If you happened to use the phrase “side link” in front of your partner, then you might accidentally get yourself in some hot water. 

When It’s Right To Use “Sneaky Link”

If you have someone that you’re sneaking around with that your monogamous partner doesn’t know anything about, and who you’re desperate to keep a secret, then you have a “sneaky link”. 

It’s somewhat common for people to use the phrase on social media particularly on TikTok where young people – usually within the 16-year to 35-year-old age range. The fact that it’s more young people that use the term is why it is so much more commonly found on TikTok, rather than other social media sites.

Origins of “Sneaky Link”

This phrase first originated on TikTok as a viral video trend. It all began when TikTok user ‘hxllywood’ posted a video clip of him rapping. His rap contained the lyrics “Girl, I can be your sneaky link, be my sneaky link” in reference to asking a girl he’s interested in to mutually cheat on their respective partners with each other. 

The sound bite then went viral, as things on TikTok so often do, with other users dropping it in their own videos, referencing cheating on their own partners. This was a very successful viral trend, with the #sneakylink hashtag gaining nearly 600 million views on TikTok. 

Why there’s an incredibly viral trend where people admit to having affairs and cheating on their partners, and how they managed to maintain the secret after posting publicly about it, is hard to say, however, there’s no denying the scope that this trend managed to have. 

People of all genders, sexualities, and ethnicities have been seen taking part in this trend, and if you search the term, there are still new posts being made all the time. So if you feel like taking part, just use the hashtag and sound.