“Soda Tab” – Its Meaning, Uses and Origin

There are lots of ways that you can refer to certain things in life, and soda tab has so many potential uses and meanings that it can get extremely confusing. 

As a modern phrase, the soda tab refers to a trend that began on the social media app TikTok and as mentioned, it has plenty of meanings. 

Depending on the context, a soda tab can mean anything from wanting to hug someone, wanting to kiss someone or asking for a date.

Of course, this is a little confusing – so we’ve written this helpful guide which aims to clear up some of the confusion.

So, if you’re looking to learn more – read on!

Soda Tab 

Let’s begin with looking at the meaning of soda tab.

The Meaning Of Soda Tab 

So, as we mentioned – the meaning of soda tab came from a viral trend on the social media platform TikTok. A TikTok user under the name of @isopropyl_alcoh0l posted a video on the platform back in 2021 that explained the following meanings:

Semi circle = The person is asking for a hug 

Rainbow and a circle = The person is asking for a kiss 

A singular rainbow = The person is asking for sex 

Tab with a solid center = You must kiss the person who sent it 

Center ring solid = The sender is saying you’re hot 

Heart with two tabs = The sender wants to take you on a date 

It takes many users a long time to get to grips with what exactly all of these meanings refer to, but over time it becomes a lot clearer and easier to understand. 

Examples Of Soda Tab 

It’s now a good idea to provide you with some examples of how to use the phrase soda tab. You might hear them in the following contexts:

“I gave Jenny a soda tab because I wanted to say I liked her, but she really got angry with me and now she won’t reply to my messages”. 

“Jenny’s friend sent me a rainbow soda tab and wants to have sex with me, but now I don’t know what I should say or do”. 

“I don’t know if John likes me or not. I’m gonna send him a soda tab and see what he does about it”. 

“Soda tabs are cool bro. You can get a lot of opportunities to date some awesome girls”. 

“I spent hours sending soda tabs to girls. I can’t stop laughing bro!”. 

Other Ways To Say Soda Tab 

There are other ways you can say soda tab, but really the way in which you are using the phrase will correspond to what the original meaning was. So for example, you might say the following:

“I’m gonna send Jenny something on TikTok because I really want to date her.” 

“John hit me up on social media last night, I think he wants to have sex with me!”. 

“I can’t stop thinking about that message I got last night. I’m gonna hug Amy as soon as I see her tomorrow bro!”. 

“Is it weird that Alan sent me this last night? I can’t believe I gotta kiss him now!”. 

Origins Of Soda Tab 

Whilst it’s sort of unclear where this term definitely originated from, there are two main players to the phrase that shot it into the mainstream. The first is as we spoke of earlier, with the TikTok user creating a video in 2021.

This video seemingly is why the phrase became much used, especially among users of the social media platform. However, the phrase also appeared on the very popular website Urban Dictionary in 2021. 

As these appeared at pretty much the same time, there is no absolutely clear answer to provide as to where it originated from. On top of all this, the phrase became viral.

As a result of this, other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram began seeing a huge rise in the use of this phrase – so while it’s not clear who coined the phrase – we now know that it is very popular and common. 

It’s important that we note the misconception behind the term. Some people think that it has something to do with the old Tab soda, or a physical can of soda in some way – but it does not. 

The acceptable uses of soda tab are simply ways to say to someone online that you like them or want to hug, kiss etc. without actually saying it outright. 


Soda tab is a phrase that can mean anything from wanting to tell someone you like them, to wanting to show your desire to hug or kiss them.