4PF – Its Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you a fan of popular rapper ‘Lil Baby’ or his music? Perhaps you’ve heard your friends listening or talking about him and you just want to figure out what they’re talking about when they talk about “4PF”. 

Whatever your confusion is, this article will explain the meaning and origins of “4PF”, as well as the uses and some examples of how to use it. Your confusion is soon to be lifted as we get into the nitty-gritty of “4PF”.

The Meaning of “4PF”

So, as mentioned above, the main thing that you need to know about “4PF” is the fact that it is purely associated with the rapper ‘Lil Baby’, a unique artist from the Atlanta rap scene. 

This expression is an acronym that stands for “Four Pockets Full”. This is Lil Baby’s personal brand and motto, and it stands as a reminder to the rapper and to his audience about the importance of financial security. 

Lil Baby grew up living in poverty and intends to use his music to secure his finances and ensure that he never has to go back to that life. “4PF” means having money or being financially secure, a nod towards how much you can afford to buy with the money that you have. 

In a more negative light, it can also imply the idea of flaunting your wealth and being unnecessarily extravagant. 

It can also be an expression that you’re a fan of Lil Baby and a part of his fan base or crew. 

Examples of “4PF”

Lil Baby is somewhat controversial, so the ways that you might hear this phrase being used can vary for reasons that we’ll go into in the origins section. 

“That rapper ‘Lil Baby’ is so hot right now. His tracks are all over the radio, and he’s the man in charge of the hip-hop scene. 4PF for life, son. You know how we do.”

“Lil Baby is the hottest rapper in the game right now. His 4PF crew is dope, and I dig their taste in jewellery, even if it is all fake. I heard you can buy it at Walmart.”

“It amazes me how rappers like to flaunt their wealth, but you can buy 4PF jewellery at Walmart for less than a hundred bucks. It’s ridiculous.”

“Every rapper gotta have a chain, man. If you wanna be like Lil Baby and his crew, you can just buy the 4PF fake stuff on Amazon or Walmart and act like you hard.”

“Lil Baby is such a joke. Everyone’s claiming he’s the most talented rapper in the game. I can’t stand that southern Atlanta 4PF rap sound; it’s totally whack.”

“Why’s everyone hating on Lil Baby? He’s the greatest rapper of all time. 4PF for life, son!”

“Damn, son, you be stacking that paper to the roof. You out here doing your thing, respect. Can you get a brother in on that? C’mon homie, 4PF for life, you know?”

Other Ways to Say “4PF”

Another way to say the same thing as “4PF” is to say that someone is rich, loaded, or “stacking paper”. You could also say that someone is “flaunting their wealth”, however that phrase doesn’t really have the same kind of street cred that “4PF” does. 

It must be made clear here that this phrase is really only ever used in relation to Lil Baby, and isn’t really applicable to situations that have nothing to do with the rapper or a group of people who know exactly what you’re referring to. 

Attributing this term to any other rapper or to any other situation would be incorrect.

Origins of “4PF”

As we have talked about, the term “4PF” originated from the Atlanta rapper Lil Baby. Back in 2020, the rapper spent his money on 7 unique chains for the members of his crew, all with the “4PF” insignia on it in diamonds. 

In fact, Lil Baby has been known to own over $500,000 in diamonds and jewellery that he flaunts and shows off whenever he can. It is this attitude to his wealth that is embodied when talking about “4PF” or “Four Pockets Full”.

There was a controversy where fans discovered that you could get fake “4PF” merch from Amazon or Walmart for a fraction of the cost (less than $75). People weren’t happy with this knock-off situation, and Lil Baby ended up having to take a case out against these companies in order to get them to take the listings off their sites. 

A lot of the time, the discussion around Lil Baby will no doubt talk about this controversy.