Grool – Its Meaning, Origin & Usage

Have you ever been hanging out with some friends when one of them happens to refer to something as “grool”, but you have no idea what it actually means? Although you might have been able to go along with it, that nagging sense of doubt over the actual definition has been driving you nuts. 

Fear not, this article will decode all of the mysteries behind the meaning, origins, and correct usage of the term “grool”.

The Meaning of Grool

First of all, “grool” is not to be confused with “gruel”, a thick porridge-type of food that was typically given to poor communities in the late 19th century. Though they’re pronounced the same, these two things are completely different. 

There are a few different definitions of the word “grool”, however the most common is as a combination of the words “cool” and “great”. Originally, it was just an accidental mispronunciation, but it was able to gain traction in popular culture, mainly between teen girls. 

Typically, the use of grool is considered to be ironic in the way that so many Gen-Z kids are, however it can also be used sincerely.

One of the other definitions of the word grool comes from the meat industry. Some people might use grool to refer to the byproducts of the meat packing industry that aren’t able to be sold to humans and instead end up as pet food. However, there’s no set reason or documentation of grool being used to describe unwanted meat. 

The final definition is a little crass and not used very often, however, just in case you’ve come here from hearing the word grool in a different context and aren’t satisfied by either of the definitions provided so far. 

This final meaning of the word could be female ejaculate and isn’t really used outside of Reddit and 4Chan in the 2010s, though it is still used occasionally today. It’s not a particularly commonly used term, however, if you’ve come across it in a sexual context, this is what it means. 

Examples of Grool

Woah, nice bag, it’s so grool! 

(sarcastic) Oh wow… that’s sooo grool…

Our factory separates good cuts of beef from the grool. 

I was with a girl last night and she had a weird creamy grool. 

Other Ways to Say Grool 

The easiest other way to say “grool” would be to either say that something is great, or that it’s cool. If you were wanting to keep the playful nature that grool connotes, you could say that something is “neato” – a phrase that also retains the irony if used correctly. Or you could say that it’s “sweet” if you’re being sincere. 

If you’re using the animal byproduct definition, you could call them the “butts” of the meat, or the “off cuts” if you were looking for another way to talk about the meat grool. 

For the female ejaculate meaning, “discharge”, “cum”, or “wet” are decent synonyms. 

Origins of Grool

The most likely origin of the word “grool” to define something that’s good comes from the very popular 2004 teen movie “Mean Girls”. Lindsay Lohan’s character “Cady” gets flustered and distracted by a hot guy, and goes to describe something as cool, but ends up saying “grool” accidentally. 

To try to cover her mistake by claiming that she was saying “great”. After the release of the film, there were swaths of young teen girls using the words “grool” to describe things that they think were cool. In more modern parlance, the word is used a lot more to be an ironic declaration of interest. 

There is no specific information regarding the origins of either the meat-related or sexual connotations of this term. This is probably because they’re only used in very small circles, and certainly aren’t considered the common words used in these scenarios. 

In the case of the sexual connotation, it is safe to assume that pornography sites are to blame for the spread and use of the word to describe female ejaculate. 

Usage of Grool

If you’re going to describe something as grool and you’re not specifically with a group of friends that you know have used the word before, then prepare to have to explain exactly what you’re saying and where it comes from. 

If you’re not a meat-pack or involved in the meat industry, it will probably be strange for you to use the phrase in common conversation, however, it would be interesting to see if anyone knows that definition of the word. 

Personally, with regards to the third definition, I just feel like there are less visceral words you can use to describe it.