“Material Girl” – Its Origin, Meaning, & Usage

Have you ever heard someone use the phrase “Material Girl”? Perhaps you’ve heard Madonna’s song “Material Girl”. Do you want to know the meaning behind this phrase? Read on to find out about the meaning, origin, and usage of the phrase! 

The Meaning Of Material Girl

The meaning of “material girl” is pretty straightforward. The term is often used on the internet to refer to those who like to show off their rich lifestyle. Often, it is used to describe social media influences. 

This term is used to describe an individual girl whereas the term material girls is used to refer to more than one person. 

The phrase “material girl” is a very judgemental term that is used to describe people who are flashy or over the top or they seem that way. Often, it is not actually true as it is just a judgment. Those who are described as a material girl are often seen as superficial or shallow. 

This term has also developed in recent years. It has started to become a reference to someone who posts lots of promotional content on their social media accounts. This can also be in the form of sponsored content. This is because it makes them look like they are showing themselves to be a certain way for monetary gain.

This term can be used to refer to anyone, not just exclusively to women. However, it is much more commonly used as a comment on women. 

The definition of material girl is:

  • A girl who likes expensive and luxurious things.

Examples Of Material Girl 

Some Examples of “material girl” are:

There are lots of different ways that you can use the phrase “material girl”. Some examples of this are: 

People Who Use Social Media 

There are lots of people who use social media and post a lot of promotional material. These people are often referred to as material girls as they are putting a lot into making money and they are showing this off on their instagram. Some influencers use advertising to promote some of the products that are seen as material products.

Buy Expensive Products 

A material girl doesn’t only refer to people on social media, it also refers to people who wear and buy lots of expensive products and show them off. For instance, if someone wears a lot of designer brand clothes, this can be seen as material. It is even more material if the person who is wearing the clothes comments on them a lot.

Some sentences containing “material girl” include the following: 

  • “I didn’t realize she was such a material girl, she has hundreds of pairs of shoes.”
  • “I don’t have any money left this month because I am quite a material girl.”
  • “Look at the amount of jewelry she has! What a material girl!”

Other Ways To Say Material Girl

There are not many other ways to say the phrase “material girl”. You can say this phrase in lots of different languages, but this phrase means something very specific and it is difficult to translate it. 

There is one other phrase that is similar to the phrase “material girl”. This is a “dinkleberg.” Aside from this, there really aren’t any other ways to say the phrase as it is a very specific phrase with a very specific meaning and it was invented by Madonna. People may have used the phrase before Madonna wrote a song titled Material Girl, however it is very unlikely that it would have been popularized if it wasn’t for Madonna.

If you are looking for a phrase that means the opposite of “material girl” then the phrase “heather” means the opposite. This is someone who is not interested in material things and does not care about shallow things or having money or expensive belongings. 

This phrase can also be written as “material gworl” and is sometimes stated as this on social media. This means exactly the same thing as the phrase material girl and it is a much less commonly accepted phrase. 

Origins Of Material Girl

The phrase “material girl” is likely to have originated from the 1984 song Material Girl by Madonna. This song made the phrase very popular as it was such a successful song. It topped the charts nationally and internationally, and the phrase became very commonly used to refer to people who care about material things over anything else.

In 2019 another song was released that was named Material Girl. This song was by Saucy Santana and it makes reference to the original song by Madonna. This song also reestablished the meaning of the phrase “material girl”, as in the song it refers to someone who cares about money. 

This soon became very popular on TikTok in 2021 as it became popular for users to reference it in their TikTok videos. 

Since this happened, the phrase has become very popular in terms of hashtags and mentions on social media.

This phrase is most commonly known because of the Madonna song, however, it has gained momentum in recent years due to social media and the new meaning that influencers have given it.